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Made in the heart of the UK, our products are assembled and finished in our Repton workshop, in Derbyshire, UK. We’ve taken great care in using the best materials, so they’re built to last!

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Smokie Guarantee

We’ve gone to great lengths to source the best steel, paints and metals for our products. We use the most professional method of applying our paints, and we stand by the quality and robustness of our products compared to others on the market.

Not only that but with our removable sleeves for narrowboat chimneys, when your sleeve has seen better days simply remove and replace. Ensuring your chimney lasts twice as long*.

Bringing colour to the waterways

We are the only narrowboat chimney manufacturer that offers coloured chimneys, cowls & rain caps. We’ve gone to great lengths to choose colours that are both sympathetic to traditional and modern narrowboaters.

The colours we offer are Red, Blue, Green and Black. These can be accompanied with either stainless steel or brass hooks and handles.

smokie joe red narrowboat chimney

What our customers say


“I am blown away to be honest by the build quality of the chimney relative to others I’ve seen on the market. It’s top notch!”